App Data Security Assured as appScatter Achieves ISO 27001

appScatter achieves standard for information security management systems, ISO 27001, 12 months ahead of schedule.
Simon Gannon
An August 2018 study from KPMG reports that one in two CEOs expect that it’s a case of when rather than if their firms are victims of a large scale data breach. In recent years, targeted cyber-attacks are on the rise – as is the media’s interest in them – making the risk to enterprise organisations even greater.

appScatter has been diligently working towards achieving the internationally recognised standard for information security management systems, ISO 27001. We’re pleased to report that the company achieved this in July 2018. There are some very important reasons why ISO will benefit the business.

Due to the way the platform operates and since our acquisition of Priori Data which was completed in July, we hold a wealth of data on the app economy and protecting and safeguarding this data is no small task. We’re collecting data on over 1.3 billion unique app URLs, across 11 million apps from over 3 million app publishers - every day!

When the company was admitted to the London Stock Exchange in September 2017, achieving ISO 27001 accreditation within 24 months was a key strategic aim stated by the Board. It’s often a critical element in servicing large enterprises. The team involved, which includes our partners at Abilott, deserve a pat on the back for achieving it 12 months ahead of schedule! 

ISO 27001 requires the company to implement a robust approach to managing information security and building resilience within its policies and procedures. This extensive programme includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in risk management. The company has employed dedicated security experts to help implement the changes needed at all levels to ensure compliance.

This has meant significant changes in the company’s day to day practices, starting with intensive security reviews with staff at all levels. Even those not exposed to the core data are given extensive guidance on how even the smallest error in exposing information can lead to disastrous consequences.

appScatter CEO Philip Marcella commented on the achievement:
“ISO 27001 gives users and prospective users a high level of reassurance. It helps you to continually review and refine the way you manage information security, not only for today, but also for the future. It protects our business, our reputation and repeatedly adds value.”

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