Mobile World Congress 2018

Michelle Naufal

The tech world will take over Barcelona this week for 2018’s edition of Mobile World Congress (MWC). Following on last year’s exhibition with a record attendance of over 108,000 people, the agenda from GSMA, is ‘’building a better future’’ - which will materialise in eight specific sub-topics:

The fourth industrial revolution, future service providers, the network, the digital consumer, tech in society, content & media, applied AI, innovation.

The pace at which mobile has developed in the last few years has been incredible, prompting manufacturers and industry bodies to look at mobile more holistically, at the impact it can have on society as opposed to just commercially. Especially as mobile will be the first place many experience AI - there is a need from tech companies to limit the scaremongering, to cool consumers imaginations and ensure things don’t get too sci-fi.

As always, this year promises to showcase the next wave of mobile technology from the biggest players in the industry. Apart from Apple who throws their own show in September. The show-offs.

Here are the most exciting things being shown in Barcelona next week.


Marketing Director Simon Gannon and CRO Jason Hill will give a talk on apps and how they continue to change the world. More information here.

Samsung Galaxy S9


All new mobile phone releases are terribly kept secrets. After torrents of leaks over the last few weeks, Samsung officially unveiled the ninth edition in its premier Galaxy series, the S9 and S9+. Under the hood, the phone will sport a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB of RAM for the S9 and 6GB for S9+, 64GB of storage and MicroSD support. It is waterproof and supports fast charging. But the main feature of the phone is the first-of-its-kind for Samsung adjustable mechanical aperture lenses. This means users can control the phone’s camera like a DSLR. On the S9+ it boasts dual lenses, similar to the iPhone Plus range - allowing you to create blurring effects on subjects. Samsung has also included their ‘’AR Emoji’’ a response to iPhone X’s ‘’Animoji’’ feature. It lets you capture an image of your face, and using over 100 points, it builds a custom 3D character with your features. The app then creates 18 animated GIF “stickers” that are accessible on the keyboard for use in messaging apps. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will cost £739. If you’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy S9+, it will set you back £869.



Spilling over from the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, 5G will be all over sunnier climes in Barcelona. Both Korea Telecom and Intel, who created various 5G powered experiences throughout the Winter Games will be keen to introduce the next generation in mobile connectivity. KT will showcase virtual-reality headsets that streamed live video from Pyeongchang’s bobsled track and cross-country courses, made possible by networks that are up to 100 times as fast as existing 4G networks. And Intel, who have missed out on mobile, allowing the likes of Qualcomm and ARM Holdings to dominate the mobile chip market will host a conference laying down the gauntlet on their plans for 5G.

The Return of Retro: Nokia’s 8110


Last year HMD revived the Nokia 3210, now they’re reloading the ‘Matrix’ phone - the 8110. The 3210 was a sleeper hit of 2017, HMD is hoping for similar fortunes with this one. The phone will have 4G connectivity, an app store, social features and of course Snake. It will retail for just £69.

This will prove to be the tip of the iceberg as the event continues, surprises are expected. Keep your eyes on the blog and follow us on Twitter, where the appScatter team will be updating the world as the week progresses.

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