Proposal to combine complementary offerings to meet rising demand for app data, user demographics and insights. Anonymised data will be drawn from 299 billion downloads across five million apps in 55 categories, as well as six billion devices across 252 territories.

Today we’re excited to announce the proposed acquisition of Priori Data, the mobile app intelligence platform.

It’s always been part of our roadmap to improve the availability and range of app data and since we launched the platform, clients are demanding better insights into the app economy. They want better quality of data at their disposal, with more detail in the highest possible volumes.

With this deal, we’re aiming to create one of the world’s largest sources of mobile data intelligence currently available. Accuracy is key in the mobile app industry, so by offering data on 26 app stores where most tend to cover just two – Apple App Store and Google Play Store – we’re confident we can offer the most accurate app intelligence on the market.

Combining the appScatter and Priori Data offerings to create the most comprehensive app management platform available, including distribution, intelligence, analytics and marketplace features under one roof.

“For appScatter, this deal marks a major step forward in our quest to become the go-to source of information in the app ecosystem, in particular given the scarcity of companies with the quantity of data held by Priori Data” said Philip Marcella, CEO of appScatter.

“This is a strategic progression for both appScatter and Priori Data from which we believe both customer bases will benefit significantly. Priori Data publishers and clients will benefit from wider distribution of their mobile apps across 75 app stores and appScatter clients will benefit from new services including keyword (ASO), app and market intelligence,” he added.

appScatter’s enlarged app insight capability will draw data from 299 billion downloads across five million apps in 55 categories, as well as six billion devices across 252 territories. Using this vast dataset, it will utilise Priori Data’s proprietary machine learning data intelligence software to provide clients with a range of app intelligence across keywords, apps, markets, usage and audience. This data can be leveraged by clients to gain real insight into the way consumers choose and utilise apps, enabling them to increase understanding of their respective markets and drive revenue from their own app operations.

Founded in 2013, Priori Data is a B2B SaaS platform provider of mobile app intelligence based in Berlin, with proprietary data intelligence software and 16 full time employees with expertise in monetising app market data, including data scientists, engineers and sales.

Patrick Kane, Chief Executive Officer of Priori Data, said: 
“Priori Data is an ambitious company and in appScatter we’ve found the perfect partner for the future. We’re very excited by the opportunity to combine this valuable, complementary expertise and create a market-leading product which will help deliver business-critical insight and answer some of the pressing questions posed by our customers and the wider app market today.”

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