Before appScatter, registering multiple app store accounts was a time consuming process. Now, the platform handles registration on over 70 app stores automatically.

However, we do get asked why we need certain pieces of information - some of which is highly sensitive. This post attempts to explain our reasons and to reassure that every customer has to provide it to see the benefit of multiple app store distribution.




To ensure appScatter can automatically register you for new app stores, the platform requires certain base level information from the start. At first, this might seem like a lot, but it ensures registration is smooth as possible in the long run. Here are the top 4 "WHY" questions received by our service team:

WHY #1: Why do you need developer details?

Providing your developer details ensures we can register you for as many stores as possible. your ownership of the app and your eligibility to distribute your app across our network of supported stores.

Additionally, entering your Google Play credentials allows downloads and revenue reporting from Google Play to be made available within appScatter.

WHY #2: Why do you need my bank details?

Put simply, we need your bank details to ensure you get paid!

You only need complete this section if you intend to receive revenue from your app. So if your app is paid for, bank details are required. This enables us to distribute your app to additional stores that support paid for apps.

The platform adds these details as part of each app store registration. Any payments made by the app store to you are made directly, we do not interfere in any way with this transaction.

Additionally if you wish to use the appScatter SDK for In App Purchasing, these details are required.

WHY #3: Why do you need so many documents?

As part of store registration across so many stores, we request a lot of documents: 
- Entity Type - Resident Registration Number - EIN/TAX ID - Passport - Business Registration - Bank Registration - Bank Statement

Many stores require these to validate the recipient of revenue is the same as the account owner. Again, you’ll only need to provide this information once.

Providing these documents also improves your app's app store compatibility.

WHY #4: Why do you need my store credentials?

One of the final elements of account setup on the appScatter platform is providing your existing app store credentials. Firstly, these credentials help us verify app ownership. This also helps the platform present download and revenue data on your reports dashboard.

Certain stores use Google Play’s own credentials to register, so if you have registered with Google previously you’ll save a lot of time registering for other Android stores.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we ask for these credentials to avoid duplicate accounts on the app stores. Duplication not only leads to confusion when the same apps appear, but some stores will reject you on security grounds.